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Bordeaux is one of the most important wine regions in the world and the largest top quality wine region in France.

It does not only consists of 'classified wine' estates but also of small wine makers who produce very fine quality wines, including Red, Rosé, Dry white, Sweet white, and Sparkling wine.       >>>



Languedoc-Roussillon is France's biggest wine growing region and probably the largest wine producing region in the world, where you can find modern and outstanding wines.
Dry red or white AOC wines, natural sweet wine, Bulk wines - Table wines, Vin de Pays...
Perfect with Mediterranean cuisine: Cassoulet(Meat and bean stew),Tapenade, Brandade, etc...  >>>



Châteauneuf-du-Pape is the top quality wine region of Southern Rhône Valley.

The Grenache is the most important grape variety in the Southern Rhône, and it makes powerful wines mostly with spicy fruity flavour.
(The northern region like Hermitage produces fine wine from the Syrah grape.)    >>>



In Alsace you will find some of the World´s best white wines.
They are unique and you won't find the same type of wine in other regions.

The villages of Alsace are also full of charm: flower-decked houses and streets, magnificent view of the Vosges, and the rich gastronomy...

Perfect with famous Alsatian cuisine which is unique in France;
Patés, Charcuterie and Specialties of sausages and hams, Alsatian Salad, Bretzel, Alsatian Sauerkraut, Chicken simmered in Riesling, and also Curry !     >>>



Burgundy is one of the greatest wine regions in the world, producing intense and complex wines generally from 100% Chardonnay or 100% Pinot noir.

Not forgetting the important village classifications (Beaune, Pouilly-Fuissé, Saint-Véran, Mâcon Villages, Pommard, Chablis...) whose quality is higher than the regional classification (e.g.Bourgogne) . The top quality wines are named "Premier cru" and "Grand cru".     >>>



Beaujolais is the southernmost region in Burgundy, where its wines are mostly made from Gamay that is often fruity and simple.
Thanks to the granite soil (terroir) this makes it perfectly adapted for this grape,  and in the northern half of Beaujolais we can find its best wines "Cru Beaujolais" that is rich and powerful, and can be kept in a wine cellar.

It is not only as the festive joyful Beaujolais Nouveau that can be consumed early but the "Crus du Beaujolais"  also have a lot of international fans.    >>>


Loire Valley

It is third largest wine region in France and is situated along the Loire River, the longest river in France.
It is on UNESCO’s World Heritage List (from Chalonnes-sur-Loire to Sully-sur-Loire, 280 km of the river & around 800 km² of land) since the 30th November 2000.

Thus it has a wide number of different grape varieties and you can find almost every style of wine; Red, White, Rosé, Sweet, Dessert wines, Sparkling wines, Dry, Semi-dry....
Some famous appellations: Muscadet, Anjou, Rosé de Loire and Crémant de Loire   >>>



It is the northernmost wine region in France producing the highest quality sparkling wines in the world. True Champagne is only from the official region of Champagne in France.

Most of the Champagne produced today is "Non-vintage", a blend of multiple vintages, and the quality is kept consistant without affecting the quality.
This region also makes small amounts of still wines; Coteaux Champenois & Rosé des Riceys by Pinot Noir. >>>



Brandy is distilled wine, and mostly made from a wine grape.
Famous french top-quality brandys "Cognac" and "Armagnac", are aged in oak barrels and have nice flavour although they can be made by different methodes. Their quality is incomparable.
Another famous French top brandy is Calvados which is made from cider apples that gives a nice full apple flavour.   >>>

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