China International Alcoholic Drinks Expo Guizhou


China International Alcoholic Drinks Expo Guizhou
GUIZHOU贵州: 走遍大地神州  醉美多彩贵州


展品范围: 各类酒
组织信息:中华人民共和国商务部和贵州省人民政府, 贵州省商务厅, 贵州省发展改革委, 贵州省经济和信息化委, 贵州省投资促进局, 贵阳市人民政府, 中国食品土畜进出口商会


“文化名片”,近几年来,“多彩贵州风”吹进了英国、法国、俄罗斯、韩国、印度、马来西亚等十几个国家,演出近2000场。2011年8月,中国(贵州)国际酒类博览会暨2011中国•贵阳投资贸易洽谈会在贵阳举行, 本届“酒博会暨投洽会”有来自20多个国家和地区的1800多家企业上万名嘉宾参加,大家以酒会友,交流洽谈。200余名中央、省外、境外媒体记者赴贵州开展采访报道。一年里,国内外主流媒体重要位置、重要版面、重要时段上的贵州新闻报道大幅增长。

China International Alcoholic Drinks Expo Guizhou

Guiyang International Conference and Exhibition Center
September 9th -13, 2012 

Guiyang International Conference and Exhibition Center

Sponsor: Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China
Department of Commerce of Guizhou Province
The People’s Government of Guiyang Municipality

Guizhou is famous for its Karst physiognomy and its rich revolutionary relics.Guizhou has the largest waterfull in China, Huangguoshu Waterfall. Dragon Plalace, near the waterfull, is a famous karst cave. Another cave in the area, Zhijin Cave exhibits almost all forms of karst caves found in the world. A subtropical ecosystem is well preserved at Mount Fanjing National Nature Reserve, which is included in the UNESCO's World Networkd of Biosphere Reserves.

There are many different minorities, 17 of which have been living there for thousands of years. Throughout the centuries, people and nature have living together harmoniously. The way of life and production of each minority contains ancient and profound historical tradition and diverse original eco-culture, making this place truly a colorful Guizhou.

Temperature: 3 ~ 6 ℃ in January and 22 ~ 26℃ in July.
Agriculture & Industry : Rice, corn, wheat and potatoes. The alcohol and tobacco producing are important light industries in this area. Maotai, called national liquor of China, is produced in this area.
Industry : A production base in Southwest China of energy, machinery, raw materials.