It is the northernmost wine region in France producing the highest quality sparkling wines in the world. True Champagne is only from the official region of Champagne in France.

Most of the Champagne produced today is "Non-vintage", a blend of multiple vintages, and the quality is kept consistant without affecting the quality. Some houses declare a single year vintage Champagne in a year where the quality of the harvest was particularly good.

This region also makes small amounts of still wines; Coteaux Champenois & Rosé des Riceys by Pinot Noir.

Selection of the best quality/price ratio

Champagne Brut
Champagne Brut Rosé 

by Pinot noir & Chardonnay
 Winemaking and blending is the key to create their distinct house styles.

Depuis 1876
Nous vous proposons notre savoir-faire et notre tradition familiale dans la production de champagne. Avec plus de trente hectares de vignes en AOC Champagne, nous effectuons un mélange précis de deux cépages (Pinot Noir et Chardonnay).