Brandy is distilled wine, and mostly made from a wine grape.
Famous french top-quality brandys "Cognac" and "Armagnac", are aged in oak barrels and have nice flavour although they can be made by different methodes. Their quality is incomparable.
Another famous French top brandy is Calvados which is made from cider apples that gives a nice full apple flavour.


Vignoble Boule
The Boule family has been taking care of vineyards for several generations. The vineyards spread  over the Bordeaux region and Cognac region.

They use sustainable agriculture and environmentally friendly farming practices in this privileged location to produce high-quality wines and spirits.

    Pineau des Charentes Blanc
Cépage: 90% montils 10% Ugni-blanc. Perfect balance between sugar, fine acidity and alcohol

    Pineau des Charentes Rouge
Cépage: 80 % Merlot & 20% Cabernet Franc. Full and concentrated on the palate with aromas of red fruits.

    Cognac VS, Cognac  3 étoiles
Cépage Ugni-Blanc. At least 4 years old

    Cognac XO
Cépage Ugni-Blanc.  Rich and fruity aroma. At least 20 years old

Elle s’effectue en deux « chauffes ».
Lors de la première ont obtient un premier distillat nommé « brouillis » titrant environ 30% d’alcool.
La deuxième chauffe consiste à distiller ce brouillis c’est la « bonne chauffe » dont seul le cœur donnera le COGNAC, eau de vie claire et limpide titrant environ 70% d’alcool.




5years or VSOP
10 years Hors d'Age

Excellent Armagnac Vintage Selection
Bas-Armagnac from a famous house.
Reputation  for its quality.



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